Why EM

We believe experiences predict and define outcomes


At EM, we are all about Experiences.

Projects, successes, laurels, and milestones are all soon forgotten and left behind for the archives, but it is the memory of the quality of one’s experience that is flagged and bookmarked in the awareness of those who strive together towards a common goal.

This is the paradigm we strive to impart to every stakeholder within our ecosystem, to each and every Customer, Employee, Affiliate, and Societal beneficiary.

Our stakeholder testimonials are proof of our constant and unwavering efforts to enable the best-in-class experiences.


At EM we encourage and support you to ‘Be Yourself’. We value the diverse and individual self over the conventional and formal, hire for Attitude, Aptitude & Skills; invest in personal and professional growth as well as psychological safety. We make careers fit personal life, and not the other way around.‍

We completely believe that real breakthroughs happen when we are free from others’ expectations and driven by individual passion in a fostering environment that imparts freedom and values responsibility. Fail-fast and succeed next is a mantra that we believe in.

We work as a one team and consider providing honest feedback the backbone of highly effective co-creation. As a team and as individuals, we constantly assess our strength, weakness, and risks to realign to ensure highest productivity levels.

The unspoken drivers of the engineering work culture at EM rests on the firm belief and intent to write high quality code with code reviews; ensure and maintain respect at the workplace, be on a constant automation watch and be fast on iterations.


Community involvement
We believe in a new improved YOU every day, with at least 2% overall improvement daily. (2% Improvement Every Day; 2% Company Good; 2% Community Good; 2% Personal Growth).
We don’t hesitate to experiment. We fail fast and grow together.‍


Day One Culture
We work with a start-up mindset, sleeves rolled up, ready to get hands-on with challenges, and with full ownership of tasks.
We encourage brainstorming through and meeting like-minded people to continuously enhance your knowledge. We believe in continuous and unlimited learning through Udemy, Skillshare, kindle and other platforms.


Open Communication
We work in an open, friendly environment and keep our communication short and efficient. We walk the talk, as Your happiness is our end goal.
We believe your fundamentals should be strong and you should have an open mindset to learn new technologies.


Mentoring Culture
We are all guides, constantly helping individuals to develop themselves through formal/informal mentoring. Our work environments enable individuals to actively engage, feel valued, and eager to share knowledge as well as learn from others.
We completely believe that real breakthroughs happen when we are free from others’ expectations and driven by individual passion.


We are Enterprising and Entrepreneurial. We grow and encourage growth in very unique and often unexpected ways. Take for example our 20 Percent Project, where you are encouraged to explore anything other than your normal day-to-day job and grow laterally!

Entrepreneurial thinking and doing are a way of life at EM.

USA - Headquarters
4000 Executive Parkway, Suite 264
San Ramon, CA 94583

India - Hyderabad
‍4th Floor, Sy 41&42, Opp. Best Western
Jubilee Ridge, 17, Madhapur Rd, Kavuri Hills,
Hyderabad, Telangana 500033

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