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Digital Twin

A Digital Twin (DT) is a virtual, working representation of an asset, product, process, plant or a larger aggregate 

A Digital Twin stitches together LOCAL data to form a GLOBAL picture using mechanistic models. It discovers local actions to achieve global goals.

It is best to think of Digital Twin as a “SYSTEM” and not as a product or a platform. A system will have descriptions of its component parts and capabilities.

Physical and its software counterpart are necessary parts of the system, how they communicate is secondary.

This system has many capabilities:

There are differences in digital twins used in the Design stage, Operations stage, Planning stage, etc. However, each of them will conform to the systemic view of a Digital Twin. 

The Enterprise Minds TwinARC solution, which ultimately offers DT as a Service, builds on the traditional model comprising Rules Dt and Stats DT and takes the critical leap across the data hurdle, into Causality. 

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